Community training & Collaboration Platform

a holistic platform that enables you to inspire your partners and volunteers to build flourishing communities.


Community Training & Collaboration platform

a holistic platform that enables you to inspire your partners and volunteers to build flourishing communities.


Privacy & Security

Take ownership of your content and where it is stored. Deliver it securely with your trusted audience only.

Private Training

Create, Plan and deliver training inside and outside your organization using best technology for e-learning.

Engage Securely

Securely connect with external trusted users to collaborate together and provide training.

Multiply Collaboration

Take control of your organization's digital collaboration and provide team-level control.

Many organizations need a solution that enables their members, external partners, and inquirers to collaborate and train together without compromising privacy and security. With our unique insights, Crosswired addresses this challenge so that our customers can focus on their core business, seek growth, and deliver their services more efficiently together.   And uniquely achieved through communities to help your organization flourish.

Jon Watts

Jon Watts / CEO

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Privacy & security

Built for privacy and security

Many organizations, communities and individuals

face the challenge of moving to the cloud to have access to more affordable prices but do not always immediately realise the risks and issues around privacy, data ownership and control, not to mention lower standards for account security across the common services providers out there.

Crosswired brings together

the best of today's e-learning technology, coupled with complete control over account security, privacy, and data ownership. All of this done by Khalibre, a trusted partner working with large traditional organizations with user presence in more than 60 countries.

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Private training

Deliver private training using amazing e-learning technology

Plan and deliver multiple types of training leveraging the best technology for e-learning, self-study, virtual classes and physical or blended courses.  Control bookings and empower trainers to establish learning communities and easily create new courses or improve the existing ones using feedback and course reports.  Our solution is designed to serve organizations holistically, with no hidden fees. 

Our dream is to help organizations multiply trainers and training inside and outside the organization with minimal costs.

Fernando Romero

Fernando Romero / Director of Product

Securely Connect

Securely connect and equip external users

Crosswired is designed to let organizations and teams decide when and where they want to engage with external users, not directly connected with the organization – it does not matter if on the field or home country.  We enable safe spaces for teams to meet and engage together in discussions, collaboration and securely deliver private training for members in challenging contexts with people both in and outside the organization.

White label

White label for peace of mind

We understand the challenges of today's

digital environment and challenging contexts. That's why we offer a full white label option for organizations - then your members can be safe using your own custom domain and branding which can or cannot relate to your organization - providing a completely isolated and secure entry point for your members.


Multiply Collaboration

Effective collaboration requires

planning, security, control, and wise solutions. We offer a new way for how organizations can effectively deliver collaboration across teams, providing team-level independency while maintaining the right level of auditing and safe-guarding by the broader organization.

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